Interesting question. David Attenborough certainly hasn’t declared compliment slips extinct species, although it seems that they are much harder to find than in past times.

Do you miss them? Compliment slip printing, from Nottingham to Inverness, Ipswich to Swansea, used to mean that the document or package you received was, in some way, less impersonal than if it was lacking. Perhaps it contained a generic thank you for your purchase; at least this showed good manners. If a personal message was added, one that referred to the purchase process (from information offered during a telephone call or even an email enquiry), then you knew that the vendor had actually paid attention!

You may still enjoy receiving a compliment slips with the receipt of a purchase made, or when a business colleague or acquaintance provides some information you requested. In such cases, do you also send them?

Why compliment slips are a good thing to use

Some of the benefits are covered in the previous points. They are also ways of adding important information regarding what is being sent. A to-the-point message on a compliment slip is more likely to hit home than if it’s hidden somewhere in a longer letter.

Personalised compliment slips also provide a contact point for future occasions. You can even encourage this with the (hand-written) message you add. This might be: ‘Any questions, call me on number below’ or ‘Here’s my mobile number if you want to ask anything’ or even an instruction: ‘Stick this to your wall and I’m always available whenever you need me!’

Let’s return to simple manners. To say ‘thank you’ takes just a moment, yet how many can’t be bothered unless they can text, and add a handful of, probably inappropriate, emojis? A traditionally-sized compliment slip is instantly recognised and always examined.

How can we help deliver that vital message?

Here at Instaprint, we specialise in compliments slip printing (an all types of business stationery), reproducing your design and message. If you have any questions about their use, our team are happy to help..

Using compliment slips also helps to keep your logo at the front of the recipient’s mind. Perhaps not thinking of the slips themselves, it is true that author Mark Twain once said that he could live for two months on a good compliment!

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