Companies employ a number of different forms of advertising and marketing to promote their company and their brand. If your business lends itself to having company vehicles, then these are, potentially, ready-made ‘travelling billboards’ for you to use! Whether you’re trying to get your brand initially noticed, or whether you’re reinforcing an already-established reputation, commercial vehicle branding is a great and effective way to market and advertise your business.

Here are some benefits and details you should consider:

Benefits of commercial vehicle branding

Brand awareness

Vehicle wraps and graphics have been known to boost brand recognition by up 15 times more than other forms of advertising.

Cost effective advertising

There are Government research figures that state that your vehicle could be seen by up to 3,000 people every day as it goes about its journeys – reaching that many people daily makes commercial vehicle branding the most cost-effective form of advertising you can get!

One-off cost

The average lifespan of vehicle graphics is 5 years – so, once applied, there are no more reoccurring costs for sustained advertising. Your initial investment will be less than other forms of media advertising and will generate results for years.

Wider audience

If you think about it, even on your way into, and home from, work, you are constantly advertising your business and your brand. All demographics, regardless, of age, gender, income or ethnicity are exposed to your brand on a daily basis, constantly reinforcing your brand image.


The very process of vehicle wrapping means any graphics and artwork can be quickly and easily removed and replaced, allowing you to update your advertising at any stage.

Protects your vehicle

An added, and important, aspect of vehicle branding is that the vinyl wrapping also protects your vehicles from stone chips, abrasions and everyday road wear and tear! Once the wrapping is finally removed, your vehicle will appear just as the day it was initially covered for your advertising campaign!

A short summary of the different types of vehicle graphics

Stickers or decals

Vinyl lettering and graphics provide an ideal and effective solution for advertising on company vehicles. They are easily applied and, therefore, are easily swapped and replaced as often as required, making them ideal for promotional events. They are waterproof and can be applied to any part of your vehicle, both inside and out!

Car and van wraps

Vehicle wrapping is achieved by applying large sheets of printed vinyl that cover and transform the appearance of your vehicles. They are heated and moulded to the exact contours of your vehicle and will remain in place, and looking as good as new, until you want to remove them at the end of your advertising campaign, or when the vehicle is no longer required.

Magnetic car signs

This is an effective temporary advertising solution. As well as being simple to apply and remove, they are durable and easy to maintain and so are a versatile advertising tool.

John E Wright

John E Wright’s fully trained fitting staff can help transform your vehicle into something really unique. Whether you’re looking for a full wrap, help to re-brand your fleet or some removable magnetic signs, John E Wright can help your vehicle become more than just a mode of transport – it’s the next step in your marketing plan. Get in touch and tell us about your requirements, or upload your design directly to our printers through our website. It’s so easy, and you’d be surprised at how cost effective it can be.