People of a certain age may well remember a time when working in an office could often mean spending hours poring over record ledgers, or sifting through mountains of paperwork looking for a particular file or document. Thankfully, most businesses have moved on somewhat from that scenario and have more efficient systems and formats for retaining information and records. One of the most effective, and efficient, ways to store your valuable, and often legally mandatory, information is through the use of Electronic Data Management (EDM). Commercial scanning services can be a great vehicle to convert any paper documentation and information that your business requires. By compressing your existing documents into a digital format, you can save valuable space and provide fast retrieval of information.

Here a few of the benefits of engaging with a scanning services company:

  • Documents and images can be scanned onto a CD or DVD – this allows for fast data access and retrieval
  • Documents can then be shared and distributed more easily, through many avenues and devices such as, laptops, memory sticks, central servers, or even over the internet
  • EDM provides greater security options than paper records as they are easy to back up and copy
  • This form of storage will provide a cost-effective, and more secure, disaster recovery solution for your valuable data
  • Electronic data storage provides a central point for data reference and access for your relevant user groups and networks, therefore allowing easy and effective information distribution through universally readable PDF files
  • EDM provides detailed audit trials of document access – who has viewed, edited or forwarded the files, when that was and for how long
  • It saves valuable physical storage space by converting physical paper records to electronic data storage
  • This space saving also contributes to better workplace health and safety, as it provides better air quality with less dust etc. and reduces the risk of fire

In addition to general business and office paperwork and records, there are number of kinds of specific, formal documents and applications that can benefit from ease of access and secure retention offered through these scanning services, such as:

  • CAD/CAM engineering plans
  • Architectural drawings
  • Service or technical manuals
  • Planning applications
  • Environmental, and other, reports
  • Legal documents (contracts etc.) and submissions

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