Amongst the many and varied vehicles used for marketing and advertising by businesses these days is the somewhat traditional, but still hugely effective, tool of roller banner printing!

Newer innovative marketing techniques, such as online marketing and social media platforms, are effective marketing options but can often come with a hefty financial overhead – cheap roller banners offer a more affordable medium to attract customers and reinforce your business brand. They can be used in a plethora of different business environments, from your own business reception area to big business events to permanent displays in relevant areas of high footfall to promote your services.

Here are some advantages of roller banner printing:   

Easy installation

One of the biggest advantages of cheap roller banners is, unlike other advertising vehicles such as advertising hoardings or billboards, they are easy to install. It doesn’t require specialist staff, so your own people can install them, and it doesn’t take long to do! The ‘flip side’ of that is that they are equally easy to disassemble, making them a versatile marketing tool that can be used in a variety of different locations and environments.


You may think that, because of the size of some pop-up banners, that they would be difficult and cumbersome to move – however, this is not the case! Portable banners are made of light-weight materials and are not heavy – indeed they can be comfortably carried around. As stated, they are easy to disassemble after use and can be easily packed away in the back of a car and are easy to store once back at work until required again.

Cost Effective

Compared to other marketing vehicles, roller banner printing is a very affordable option – cheap roller banners cost considerably less than media or even online advertising. The interest and business generated through the use of pop-up banners offers a great return on any outlay on roller banner printing.


The aim of any marketing your business undertakes is to both generate new business and to help reinforce your brand to existing and potentially new customers or clients – cheap roller banners are hugely effective in achieving that! The large size of these portable banners allows you the space you need to promote your product or service and brand in a more thorough and descriptive manner.

The banners are highly visible and will garner attention of large numbers of people, whether being employed in a permanent display site or being utilised at any business event or conference.

Roller banner printing is an ideal tool for advertising and marketing your business – it is cheap, effective, and versatile.

Speak with a specialist print company to obtain the best professional advice on the design and print of your cheap roller banners and as to how to make the most of this simple marketing opportunity.