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Werner Co. is a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of aluminium and fibreglass ladders, and having worked with them on a number of projects over the years, including the design and production of exhibition stands and point of sale, we were their natural destination for this project.

Having invited us to help transform their newly acquired Headquarters in Burton on Trent, we immediately set to work and conducted an extensive site survey; both externally and internally so we could determine and iron out any potential issues that may have arisen either with production or installation access.

We were then able to put together a working concept for them which would help to visualise the proposals – only when they were happy were we able to put the signage into production.

Careful considerations were made as to the best materials suitable for the job in hand and what would work for their budgets.

The use of LED technologies was implemented in back lighting the internal sign in their reception and was cleverly concealed inside the lettering to produce a halo ‘glow’ effect once illuminated. This helped to really enliven things and offer up a fantastic focal point for visitors.

All work carried out within a couple of days by our team of fitters.