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We’ve tackled van signage numerous times before, but a complete vinyl wrap? Well that has always been on our ‘to do’ list anyway. Its only recently when we have been getting a lot of interest and enquiries about it, that we have found ourselves fully committed to it.

Fortunately, having undergone somewhat of a new direction with our Large Format identity brand – Think Print, what better way to promote this was there than to sign-write our very own installations van.

We have a comprehensive library of vehicle templates on file, so finding one for our particular Ford Transit was no problem. Once confirmed and the sizes were double checked, a design was put together and submitted to our board of directors for final sign-off.

Our team of fitters spent just a couple of days in total stripping down and preparing the vehicle, installing the new graphics and then re-fitting lights, bumpers and other trim to complete the finished article.

In the days and weeks since completion, we have been getting lots of positive comments and certainly lots of attention whilst on the road and as which has now paved the way to roll out the brand to our other smaller vans across the company.

Be on the look out for one near you!