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Vinci Construction, which formed a joint venture with Alstom to build the £232 million Tram Lines 2 & 3 in Nottingham.

We were asked to produce and provide high quality colour CAD drawings to site offices and Nottingham City Council to aid in the planning and building of Nottingham Express Transit Tram Lines 2 & 3

The most important aspect of this project was to provide large volumes, often hundreds, of drawings overnight folded and in sets for building contractors and archive reference purposes. To do this John E Wright used the very latest Hewlett Packard printers and worked long hours, often late into the night, to provide the required drawings the following morning.These printers are fast and very high quality.Communication with the client, fast download technology over the web and “on-the-ball” project management at both ends of the project ensured smooth transfer of information from the drawing office to the building contractors on-site.

Total revenues from this project for John E Wright in 2014 were in excess of £120,000.