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A Celebration of Sikh History

The Sikh Community Centre & Youth Club (SCCYC) is a multi-award winning community hub providing vital support for Northamptonshire communities. As part of their 60th anniversary initiatives for the development of their services and outreach, SCCYC received a lottery grant with which they planned to create a new museum in their Waterside-Connect Centre. The Sikh Museum Northampton aimed to both celebrate and connect their community to Sikh history and culture.

SCCYC reached out to John E Wright & Co to design and install this new one-room museum. Their 20m x 6m space would require a mix of newly created bespoke materials, implemented seamlessly alongside previously acquired exhibits and displays.

Graphics for The Sikh Community Centre & Youth Club (SCCYC)
Graphics for The Sikh Community Centre & Youth Club (SCCYC)

Our Bespoke Solution   

Our brief required John E Wright & Co to design, manufacture and install the Sikh Museum Northampton, a 20m x 6m space within the Waterside-Connect Centre. The SCCYC wanted a space that would be open and inviting, allowing any visitor to easily follow along with their story and heritage.

In order to achieve this, we took several design decisions: We created wall displays on 10mm Foamex which would be mounted on the walls of the space alongside crisp and bold vinyl decals. By the entrance of the room, we implemented a tension-frame lightbox. We also created several pieces of bespoke furniture, including a bookshelf and timber plinths. 10mm Foamex interpretation panels were also created, with wrapped edges and split batons on the reverse.

Alongside this, we ensured there would be room to properly fit display cabinets that would be reused from SCCYC’s previous exhibits. Of particular importance for this job was the need for the museum to promote interactivity and engage visitors within the museum space. To achieve this, we created a display panel with several profile cut Foamex maps. Each had a ferrous front, allowing map pins to be placed onto the map in an easy, safe and clean manner.

Furthermore, on the reverse of the bespoke made bookshelf we implemented a selfie-backdrop image, alongside a prop box with outfits and costume pieces for visitors to wear and have fun with. John E Wright & Co is proud to help communities engage and connect with one another by providing bespoke print solutions.

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