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Rub Smokehouse are a relatively new, but none the less highly experienced purveyor of fine food and dining experience, specialising in BBQ style cooking – an otherwise rather unique style not really seen outside of the USA. Brought firstly to Nottingham with great success, they have since extended their portfolio to include Birmingham.

Having worked closely with the Nottingham site producing their small format work; such as menu’s and posters, we have built up a very good working relationship with them. Through this connection we were asked to help transform their newly acquired restaurant facility in the heart of Birmingham City Centre with new graphics, giving us an amazing opportunity to showcase our talents in signage and interior branding.

Through an extensive site survey, careful use of materials was selected. As the bar was built using old recycled pallets, the need for specialist vinyls was key to a successful install, and enabled us to completely mould to the wood surface, which would otherwise have lead to more costly measures in order to apply a graphic to it. To add to this ‘stand-out’ feel, and to really enhance the diners experience, other wall and window vinyls were produced and installed.

Along with all of the interior work we have produced, we also implemented and installed their exterior signs too.

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