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Bringing the Outside In for Raleigh Bikes 

In February 2023, the Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show took place at the NEC. With over 400+ exhibitors and 108,000 visitors, the show is a huge opportunity for brands to make an impact and generate sales across a massive userbase.

Looking to capitalise on the opportunity, Raleigh bikes contacted John E Wright & Co with an ambitious goal: updating their previous stand design with a new and focused vision, emphasising their brand values and ‘bringing the outside in’.

We felt confident we would be able to meet and exceed these goals. We sought to build on our trusted relationship with Raleigh, following our previous redesign of their Experience Raleigh store. Raleigh value their strong, people-focused brand image, emphasising their vast range of leisure products through their friendly and trustworthy reputation.

We knew our aims were to uplift Raleigh’s brand and generate sales opportunities with an innovative and striking exhibition stand. This project required John E Wright & Co’s intensive involvement from end-to-end.

We would begin with a unique new design, taking it through to construction, install and takedown. From the beginning, we made sure to work closely with our customer and partners. Our ultimate goal was clear: to ensure Raleigh bikes would be the star of the show at the NEC.

A 3D reader of proposed stand
A 3D reader of proposed stand was provided prior to approval and build
Raleigh at the Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show 2023
The completed Raleigh stand at the Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show 2023


Going above and Beyond with this ambitious Design

The design for any exhibition stand begins from the ground up. For this stand, we were faced with the challenge of filling an enormous 13 x 8m space. This allowed us to go all-out on creating a dynamic and interesting design which would highlight the Raleigh brand and invite customers to explore the space.

For this, John E Wright & Co utilised our modular floor system. This allows us to root cables underneath the space, creating a sophisticated power system for a large space, without compromising on the aesthetics of our design.

John E Wright & Co own over 95 square metres of modular floor, enabling us to meet the needs of any space. With our floor covered, we went ahead creating the rest of our design. We pushed ourselves to think big: with three open sides, the predominant feature of our design was a 13m wide back wall.

Raleigh at the Caravan Camping & Motorhome Show 2023
3×3 tension frame lightboxes to highlight the Raleigh brand

To help create this, we utilised two 3×3 tension frame lightboxes to highlight the Raleigh brand with big and bold features and relevant brand images. Framing the backwall were two 4m high arches, which extended the length of the stand. These arches provided additional opportunities to showcase the Raleigh brand, as well as frame their products.

Hanging Bike
A bike suspended from the display

The main star of these were two hanging bikes, suspended from the arches. In order to ensure these bikes could be suspended safely, we made the arches from a different framework, which created a sturdier structure allowing them to hold their weight. Importantly, it also made them strong enough to support the extra weight of the bikes.

These arches connected seamlessly to the existing structure of the backwall, for a smooth and attractive appearance. John E Wright & Co also provided a freestanding touch screen, enabling visitors to explore Raleigh’s digital brand and browse their online catalogue. Two slatwalls also allowed the display of additional Raleigh products, showing their Parts & Accessories including helmets and bags.We included other practical features too: the backwall featured built in lockable storage – a smart way to allow Raleigh staff to manage the stand without impacting on the design itself. We also provided furniture for the stand; a counter and seating to allow customers to take a moment and talk in depth with Raleigh, as well as process their orders.

John E Wright & Co also took on the installation and organisation of the build. We also liaised with the show organisers as part of our project management. John E Wright & Co take on the stress and responsibility of getting everything in place, from safety documentation to booking the stand electrics. Our experienced team of fitters installed the stand over the weekend prior to the show opening.

With our trustworthy team, this install proceeded without issue despite the size and challenges of the design. We are proud to say that Raleigh’s stand was the success it was hoped to be, and a standout of the Camping Caravan & Motorhome Show! We seek to enable companies to expand their exhibition showings, driving sales and engaging their customer base with their brand image.

We know how important it is to stand out – especially in larger shows. We’re confident our experience and knowledge of providing exhibition services will allows us to create ambitious designs that meet equally ambitious goals.


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