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MET Helmets

MET is one of the foremost providers of helmets on the market today, providing a comprehensive range of cycling helmets for all, irrespective of who they are. Based in Italy, MET has protected riders of all ages for almost four decades.

Much of their business comes from stock bought by stores which sell them onto the public – as such, it is important for MET to make clear to these retailers the benefits of stocking MET helmets.

By providing retailers with an attractive display space for their wares, MET is simultaneously able to enhance a retail space with their products, while also helping bring customers to shop floors. As part of this business function, MET contacted John E Wright & Co to design, manufacture and install these displays in their clients’ stores.

We strived to ensure our work would not only help enhance our client’s retail presence, but equally impress retailers who agreed to have these displays in their stores. From Rotherham to Andover, John E Wright & Co were tasked with outfitting ten stores across the country with the bespoke designed display.

MET Helmets Store Displays
MET Helmets Store Displays

A Smart and Sensible Design

Our customer wanted to offer retailers a clean and tidy way to present their products. Figuring out how best to achieve this was our first priority for this job.

We came up with several solutions, which would promote a smart and sensible design with an attractive and on-brand aesthetic. Each display featured a mirror and black slatwall to hang products, framed under the distinctive red and white logo of MET. The logo itself was profile cut acrylic, with relief lettering.

We also created smart storage cabinets which would allow safe keeping of any excess stock. The cabinets were constructed from laminated MDF, providing a sturdy and simple finish, which meshed seamlessly with the rest of our design work. Furthermore, we installed a red LED feature light on underside of each display counter. This provided the ‘pop’ needed to bring the design together, contrasting the smooth matt blacks of the cabinets and complimenting the bright reds of the MET branding. Once our design was approved, John E Wright & Co also extended our services to installation. We provided our experienced team of fitters, who visited each store location to specially install the display on behalf of MET. By taking this extra step, we ensure our designs come to life from end-to-end.

A 3D render of the display
A 3D render of the display created prior to production.

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