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Our specialist technicians over at our Hull office have been hard at work over a cold weekend in early February, totally transforming a Mercedes Benz coupé with a complete vinyl wrap.

Respraying any vehicle with a new colour can be both time consuming and expensive, often running to many £000’s, so changing the colour with a vinyl wrap is the best and simplest solution. Apart from the obvious aesthetic improvement though there are practical benefits too. Once a wrap is applied, the original paintwork is protected from the day to day wear and tear and harmful UV damage. Should an owner become bored of the colour or just wishes to restore the vehicle to its original appearance, then all of the vinyl can be 100% removed with no damage to the underlying bodywork.

The customer of our donor vehicle wanted a more unique appearance, so a pearlescent white vinyl was selected for the main body whilst a carbon effect vinyl was used for the accents, which included the front valance, grille, wing mirrors, door handles & sills.

As you can see the end result is both excellent and breathtaking – a worthy upgrade and certainly one that befits the marque.