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Leaving Our Mark at ITV Studios

Now located in White City, London at the iconic Television Centre, ITV Studios produces over 3,500 hours of programming each year. In their expansive production floor, crews take up residence at several temporary production spaces for up to six months at a time.

ITV Studios approached John E Wright & Co to liven up these three production spaces. They had a brief that was simple to understand, but deceptively difficult to execute – and they trusted us to complete the job to our typical high standard.

We were contracted to refurbish these production spaces in a way that would allow crews working there to personalise and customise the space, to feel at home and make it their own. However, given the temporary nature, it would also be necessary for any decoration to be easily and quickly removed once their time there came to an end.

How We Overcame the Challenges 

Our brief tasked us with outfitting three 6.5m x 3m walls – a large task. We conceptualised and implemented several smart solutions to allow for a customisable space that would also be non-intrusive and simple to take down. We created large corkboard wall panels to go in each space, alongside grid wall mesh painted a stylish black and outfitted with bulldog clips.

To give each space a distinct but cohesive pop, we worked with ITV Studios to create new pieces of text branding. Our goal was to create a space that was fun, fresh and vibrant as well as practical. Our design emphasised depth and the 3D space, which would be visually distinct and interesting, as well as allowing more space to customise the area. The main challenge with this project was the requirements of the location – ITV Studios is one of the busiest production sites in the country, and it was up to us to work around that. We had a fast turnaround time for the installation: a team of two would have to complete it, out of hours.

ITV Studios Production Spaces
ITV Studios Production Spaces

A seamless and Smooth Installation

To achieve a seamless and smooth installation, John E Wright & Co took several key steps: To minimize our time on-site, we manufactured everything offsite and cut to size, ready to be brought in and installed. The location also required extensive surveying beforehand, right down to the smallest detail.

We went as far as to plan out the optimum route through the building to fit each panel while disturbing as little as possible. Furthermore, we made sure to keep compliant with ITV Studios’ staff, seeking approval for the use of stairs and elevators, and making sure everything went through security beforehand. We strived to keep noise to a minimum, to not disrupt anyone working within the building.

As a result of our meticulous efforts, the updates to the production spaces were completed on time and to high finish. At John E Wright & Co, we excel at working with end-to-end projects, taking your simple idea and creating intelligent solutions from concept to installation

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