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Vehicle Graphics produced for Ideal Boilers as part of their rebrand. Some 120 vans & 68 cars – 2014 onwards

Client: Ideal Boilers – manufacturer of boilers for over 100 years and have a team of over 120 service engineers.


During a re-brand of Ideal Boilers we were asked to quote on the re-branding of 120 Ford Transit vans and also adding graphics to 68 company cars. The cars had to be done on a very tight timescale to minimise company employees been off the road. The van graphics had to be done on a material suitable to last the rigors of the service engineers covering the full of the UK with motorway driving over many years.


We were sent an initial design from an agency but due to financial constraints on this project the design was not suitable, so using our knowledge along side the customers brief we internally modified the design to come up with a cost effective solution which could be implemented on the vehicles.

All the graphics were printed on one of our 2 HP Latex L26500 machines on a premium Arlon vehicle wrap vinyl with a specialist laminate, All the graphics are cut on our Mimaki cutter.

Graphic kits were made up so we had them in-stock so we could respond to quick changes in the time scales of the vans been available.

The car graphics were booked in for one hour windows with us doing 9 or 10 vehicles a day for 7 days, this resulted in each member of staff only been off the road for one hour. We also selected locations around the country to base the fitting, again keeping disruption to the client as minimal as possible so members of staff could arrange to go to the nearest location.

Correctly getting the graphics to fit each Make, Model & Colour didn’t prove a problem as using our vehicle outline templates and the clients up to date database we could easy work out what size & colour the graphics needed to be.