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Working with One of Britain’s Top Home Designers 

Guy Phoenix is one of the UK’s top home specialists, specialising in the creation of luxury designer homes. Based in Nottingham, Guy Phoenix develops unique and bespoke homes tailor made to his client needs. His projects emphasise elegance and luxury down to the smallest details.

In 2021, John E Wright & Co were contracted to create a unique, bespoke ceiling for one of Phoenix’s multi-million designer homes. Located in The Park, Nottingham, this project involved intense end-to-end production, from designing to installation. Despite the challenge this brief proposed, we took it on with a dedication to upholding Phoenix’s design language.

Guy Phoenix - Nottingham based home designer, designing luxury bespoke homes
Guy Phoenix – Nottingham based home designer, designing luxury bespoke homes

Creating a Storm   

Our task for this project was to create a unique ceiling graphic – one that would be installed above an indoor swimming pool.

The ceiling would emulate a storm at dawn, creating a dramatic and striking accent piece to an already alluring space. This was a unique request, highly experimental, and had never been done before. Creating a graphic of this size in this sort of space, on the ceiling, was a large undertaking – and one which John E Wright & Co took on with confidence.

Working closely alongside Guy Phoenix, we first developed the artwork that would be used for the enormous 4m x 5m graphics. We paid acute attention to every detail, at request of our client – right down to finding the exact perfect shade for the exact right cloud shapes. The ultimate result was only made possible by compositing several images together.

Building Britain's Superhomes graphics
Our stormy graphics in situ

Five of these graphics were made, and to install them we utilised a bespoke tension fabric system. By mounting fabric into tension frames, we could ensure a smooth and even finish which would still be light enough to fit to the ceiling. Furthermore, backlit rear illuminataion was added to enhance the impact effect of the graphics – another tricky challenge that we strived to meet at a high standard.

Installation was completed with our team of experienced fitters on site, working alongside Guy Phoenix and his team. The end result was a stunning addition to an already magnificent design. John E Wright & Co are proud to see our hard work featured on Channel 4’s Building Britain’s Superhomes, airing in early 2023.

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