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Pitch materials for Bombardier Transportation UK Limited for their Makkah Metro bid to the Saudi Arabian Government – Mid Dec 2014


To make Bombardier stand out against the biggest Train Manufacturers in the world. The instruction from the customer was “high bling!”

We were to produce:
Bespoke Binders, Dividers and printed tender documentation for the Multi-Billion Dollar project that is the forthcoming new Makkah Metro.

A definite deadline was in place when the Tender Bid would be placed onto a private jet to be flown and delivered by hand to the Saudi Government.

With continually increasing requirements, and throughout we were warned that the artwork would not be supplied way past previously agreed deadlines due to amends – This was a massively daunting project.
The Binders by far were the biggest challenge! Artwork was to be printed onto self adhesive on the HP plotter, matt laminated and then to achieve the “high bling” finish the customer commanded the prints were sent for spot UV.
Supplied back as flat sheets the prints would then be made into the binders by hand wrapping precisely cut pieces of 2mm card, riveting 4D lever arch clips in place and finally attaching mag buttons.
With the spot UV finish these binders were unknown territory for John E Wright and so to ensure the process was going to work we agreed a £1,200 charge, To set up and produce a 1 off divider as the prototype – Thankfully, it was a first time success.

10 days for production – from receipt of approved artwork to produce 164 handmade binders to the above spec. (32 different types).
4 days for production– from receipt of approved artwork, and we were fortunate enough to call on the expertise of Sarah at NHS to hand cut 500 laser printed tab dividers.
1 day for production – from receipt of approved artwork, and this time we called on the expertise of Keith at NHS to produce 64 printed DVDs.
1 day till take off – For delivery within a couple of hours from receipt of artwork files – organization, print, drill and collation of approx 9000 A4 documents that went to make up the tender bid.
Cost (not including prototype) £13,275