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Never ones to shy away from the rather unique and individual projects…

We were recently asked to help produce a Bespoke Made Acrylic House for one of our customers.

The brief was simple; to supply a custom made acrylic box in the shape of a house.

Easy! Well sort of… due to it being ‘Bespoke’ it made things a little more interesting. It needed to be of a certain size (approximately 750mm in length, width and height) and to be easily transportable with say a small to medium sized hatchback, oh and it couldn’t be glued or bonded together – so basically a flat-packable and light weight unit.

Our solution was to construct everything out of 5mm acrylic to keep weight down to a minimum, whilst still retaining its strength and rigidity, and also building in ‘tabs’ to interlock and hold everything in place once on display, thus getting around the ‘glue less’ aspect.

The roof was made in one piece and heat bended to shape whilst the sides and the base were all individual pieces that would all slot together.

Intricate ‘etched’ detailing was also added to highlight windows and doors in order to add to the overall effect.

The end result is excellent and one that we were glad to have been part of.