Business postcards are a convenient, affordable way to promote your business and get noticed by a wide audience. While postcards don’t sound as classy as the full-page colour ad in the local newspaper, they’ll cost you a fraction of the price and can help you to reach even more people. What’s more, it’s actually perfectly easy to design and create your own business postcards at home.

Why should I use postcards?

The biggest pull of making your own postcards is cost. If you design your own personalised postcards at home, the only cost incurred in marketing with postcards is in having them printed. This is nothing compared to most other advertising routes.

Business postcards are also versatile; you can post them through people’s doors, or on public notice boards. By posting them up in a variety of locations, you can use a single batch of business postcards to reach thousands of potential customers from all kinds of different backgrounds.

If you’re feeling generous, you could also include an offer or discount to customers who bring their postcard into your shop, making it double up as a voucher. This is more than just clever marketing; it’ll also help you to track how many of your customers are coming to you through your postcards – it might be more than you think.

How do I make business postcards?

This is the easy bit. There are hundreds of business postcard templates to be found online; a quick search will bring these up. Choose one that you find eye-catching, but that also fits the visual ‘brand’ of your business. All you have to do is input your business’s details and info into the card form, download it to your computer, and have it printed by a professional printing agency like Instaprint. Unless you’ve got some very expensive printing equipment at home, having your postcards printed professionally will give them a mark of quality and distinction.

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