In our rapidly changing digital world, it is easy to see why traditional methods of business promotion might be considered less essential than they used to be. However, those in the professional world understand the continuing importance and relevance of using business cards.

Professional Impression

The importance of a professional appearance and making an impeccable first impression are widely recognised. The sharing of a business card still sends an important message that you are available to communicate with and, combined with the branding on your cards, also presents a coordinated professional approach to business.

When looking at business card printing it is important to consider the branding of your company on the card. Online print shops often offer business card templates to help you to coordinate the presentation of your brand on the cards themselves. If you wish to have a bespoke design, many print shops will offer a design service to help you match your business cards to your branding.

Prospective Purchasers And New Clients

If you turn up to a viewing with a card in hand as well as your sales particulars you are you confirming your identity to prospective purchasers. It’s a good opportunity to build a rapport so that when the purchasers decide they like the house, they have your direct line to call back and make their offer.

It’s not just prospective purchasers that benefit from business cards. It’s great to have cards on you to hand out at networking meetings and events so that you can also provide your contact details to prospective clients.

Dual Branded Estate Agencies

You may have two brands in your estate agency, particularly if you often represent the owners of prestigious homes. If you do have different brands you may want to consider two different types of business cards with a card to present to each client base. There are so many options when it comes to printing business cards that you could have two very distinctly different cards for each brand or two subtly different cards depending on how closely you would like to see those brands aligned.

Get Your Contact Details Right

It’s important that your business cards present yourself, and your business professionally. It is arguably much more important that your contact details are correct on your cards.

When organising your business card printing it’s vital that you include your brand and the name of your estate agency, your name, email, all relevant work phone numbers, and you may want to consider including social media information too. If you are purchasing your cards online, it is useful to use business card templates to help as guideline to include all that information.


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