Statistics say that your business card holds the attention of its recipient for 10 seconds, so it’s crucial to make those 10 seconds count when you’re networking, and pass on as much information as possible about your business, giving you the opportunity to impress those new contacts.

If you’re considering business cards, Instaprint are ready to bring your ideas to the printing press. We got in touch with Google and gathered a few helpful tips from some of the most informative online articles on the web, which, combined with Instaprint’s business card printing team, can help you work out the do’s and don’ts of business card design.

1. Ditch the clutter

The trend in the past was to cram as much content as possible into your small card. However, best practice has changed now, and less is more. Company logo, name, job title, contact details and website or social media details are all that’s recommended. There’s nothing stopping you using the other side of the cards, but try to keep it classic and classy for a good first impression. Why not go hi-tech and have a QR code which can be scanned for more information?

2. Get tactile

Think psychology. Humans are naturally drawn to textures, so make your card memorable with a textured card, or alternative to paper stock.

3. Thinking without borders

While you may think that a border or fancy edge finishes your card nicely, you may find that once printed, it wasn’t properly aligned, or that it gets unevenly cut, which will spoil the appearance of your card.

4. True colours

If you’re going to be using colour, make sure that you choose ones which work well together. Clashing and incompatible colours are common mistakes which you’ll want to avoid.

5. Crystal clear

You may love that quirky font, with its rounded edges and comedy characters, but remember that your business card means that each character will be a few millimetres high, and it may be difficult to read when scaled down. Keep your font sharp and bold, in contrast to whatever background you choose.

Some really good examples of business cards don’t have to cost the earth. Contact our team, who are full of helpful tips and knowledge which will allow you to design a business card that creates maximum impact. Visit our business card page and let’s create something which will make people want to be a part of your company.