Companies have been using business cards as a way of introduction and information for their customers for many years. Many marketers now, though, are designing cards that are intended to do more than simply convey contact details – they are using them to help build brand image and strengthen their company’s presence in their particular market place. In order for this to be an effective marketing tool, the business card must appear unique and attractive – something that a consumer will want to hold on to!

When ordering your business card printing, here are a few design aspects to consider:

Keep your design simple

There are some elements of a business card that are always present – company e-mail address, telephone, website, social media sites – standard contact details. Effective business card design will deliver these important details in a simple manner – they will inform the consumer at a glance without their attention being diverted to any other detail.

Keeping your business card design simple, but sophisticated, will present your business in the best light.    

Convey your brand message

Your business card is not just for relaying contact details – it’s also an important tool for conveying your business brand message. Incorporate any colour themes, symbols and images that you use in other business stationery and marketing materials, into your business card design – the current trend is for simple sophistication, so use these images subtly in the background of the card.  

Whilst incorporating your company colours, be aware that the contact details will stand out more clearly against a white, or light, background.

Use a bold typeface

Another current card design trend is the use of a big typeface – this immediately grabs the attention of the consumer and concentrates it on the company name and tagline. A big, bold typeface against a single colour background gives a strong impression and has immediate impact. To help maintain consistency of message and brand recognition, use the same typeface that you have featured on any of your other marketing materials.

Consider adding some humour

There is a current trend that some companies are employing – incorporating wit or humour into their business card design. Words that will have an impact on a consumer’s thinking process, as opposed to merely informing, makes your business card appear more personable and acceptable. Displaying symbols that make the consumer think is also effective – choose symbols that reflect your company brand and values.

Experiment with interactive designs

Some business card designers are experimenting with interactive cards – features such as removable inserts and dual or triple layered cards. Whilst these features create interest for the consumer, be mindful of not ‘overdoing’ the design – you don’t want to divert the interest and focus away from the main message and purpose of the card. As stated earlier – keep any design simple!

When designing any business stationery for your company, consistency is important – ensure your business cards, brochures, leaflets and such, all carry the same common design themes and appearance – this is essential in brand reinforcement to your existing, and potential, customers.


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