When attending a business exhibition, event or convention, what is it that makes you stop and look at a particular display or stand? When you consider that, depending on the event, there may be hundreds of businesses jostling for your attention all at the same time, you realise that you would have to have something different, and eye-catching, to attract interest to your particular display. These events have great potential to boost your business in terms of new clients and other useful business connections, so it is vital that you make the most of these opportunities. One of the most effective ways to stand out from the crowd, and grab that attention of potential customers, is to have a stand specifically, and professionally, designed for your business.

Here are some aspects you should take into account when ordering a bespoke display stand:

Exhibition display size

Different events will have different requirements – at certain events you may only need a single exhibition stand whereas, at other business events, it may be that a larger display is more appropriate and would carry more impact – either way, a professionally designed, custom exhibition display will help garner the right amount, and type, of attention you want.

Personalised display

You can have an exhibition stand designed that is truly customised to your business – from the initial design process, the content, the exhibition graphics and images you require, right through construction of the display and the installation on site. It may be that you want your display to be purely informational, or you might want something more ‘immersive’ – either way, making use of the latest cutting-edge technologies, materials and graphics, every single aspect of your display can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Perfect for any business

The size, or nature, of your business doesn’t matter – any company can benefit from having bespoke display stands at these events.


You don’t have to restrict your bespoke exhibition stands to just business conventions and events. When not attending such functions, you can deploy them in other areas of your business – maybe a storefront or showroom – perhaps an office reception area – anywhere that it is likely to catch the eye of, and impress, potential clients or customers.

Wherever you choose to make use of your bespoke display stands, a stylish and unique display will strengthen your brand image and customer perception.

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