Whenever someone creates a poster to advertise a business or an event, they know that it needs to attract the right audience who will be interested in what’s on offer, but what really makes a great poster design? What do you need to do to grab people’s attention?

The very best poster designs can put across all the information a potential buyer needs to know in a clear, attractive, eye-catching way, while also being a great piece of art.

Start with your audience

You know your customers best. You know what images and colours will appeal to them, and what fonts suit your content and work for your audience.

Think about what will really grab your audience in the short time they have to glance at a poster as they pass. What will make them stop, pay attention and engage? What will evoke emotion or make your audience laugh?

Can you ask an intriguing question on the poster where they have to go to your website to get the answer? If it’s a gig, a photograph of the band or a close up of the lead singer is likely to attract fans.

It’s all about including the things you know will grab your audience’s attention quickly.

Be attention grabbing

You’ve got literally seconds to get someone to look at your poster and take it in, so you need to include design elements which are bold. Think about bold images, fonts and colours; you need high contrast colours, and sharp, clear images – anything that will get attention from a distance.

Keep It Simple

You can’t cram every single detail onto a poster. You’re not writing a thesis on your product or event here. You need to keep your design simple, with plenty of white space to make it easy on the eye, while ensuring that you give the intended audience everything they need to know to get them interested.

Use a big, attention grabbing headline or image to draw people in that’s visible and readable from some distance away and save the minor details for the smaller print at the bottom, once your audience is already reading and engaged.

And if you need help with your poster design, our design team has the expertise and experince to help you.

Include clear and impactful call to actions

Don’t waste a wonderful image, incredible design and high-quality poster printing by missing out on a great call to action.

Be clear about what you want your audience to do and make it stand out on your poster, with a really good reason why they should take action NOW. You don’t want them to think ‘great poster, I’ll do that later’ and then forget all about it. So many people browse on mobile nowadays, so why not provide a QR code for them to scan, run a discount for booking early or offer a limited availability bonus for signing up now.

Follow these design steps, and you should have a brilliant poster that speaks directly to your target audience and prompts them to take immediate action.


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