Wall signs for shop fronts are a really effective form of advertising, both from an impact and cost point of view. They provide high impact advertising in any retail environment and can be produced in different formats and materials, such as Sign Trays, Flex Face or simple Flat Panel signage. With the use of high quality materials and retail graphics, you can have a shopfront sign that stands out from the opposition and attracts people to your door.

Whichever format you choose, a well-designed sign will boost your business – here are some of the benefits of a wall sign for shop fronts:

Attract attention

The basic function of any advertising or marketing – get yourself noticed! People won’t be tempted to shop with you if they don’t know you exist – a prominent shopfront sign does just that – tells people you are there!

Raises curiosity

A cleverly designed shopfront sign, that is eye-catching, will arouse people’s curiosity. People can be influenced by a first impression – so make yours an interesting one!

Establishes location

Sounds a bit obvious really – but you can’t sell things to people if they’re not in your store! A prominent wall sign for your shop front will let people know you are there – as well as local residents, there may be people from outside the area who are unaware of your store, so letting them know exactly where you are will help to tempt them inside. 

Identifies your business

If your business is in a competitive shopping environment – retail park, mall or high-street, then it’s likely you’ll be in direct competition with stores chasing the same customers as you are – a quality shopfront sign will attract people to your store – once inside, they are buying from you rather than the competition!

Reinforces your brand

Investing in a well-designed and good quality shopfront sign will convey to potential customers a professional image. It’s likely to be the first thing that attracts them to your store, so it’s important to give the impression of quality – if your sign looks professional and smart, people will automatically make the assumption that the goods you’re selling inside are of the same standard and quality.

Markets your business

Generally speaking, research figures show that 85% of a shop’s customers live within 5 miles of the store – so the prominent presence outside your shop that a shopfront sign gives you, means that regular passers-by will see your sign around a 100 times per month.

Increase sales

Research shows that up to 45% of shoppers stop and look at stores on impulse – and once inside your store, there is, obviously, a raised likelihood of people making purchases!

Cost effective advertising

Your shop front sign, once installed, is a permanent feature, so acts as a continuous form of advertising all year round. This makes it very cost effective because, unlike other forms of advertising which may require updating and, therefore, repeat investment, the wall sign is a ‘one-off’ overhead for repeated exposure.