NCR paper, or ‘carbonless’ paper, enables you to easily transfer handwritten information from a top sheet to the sheets underneath. It works by using a layer of ink capsules and clay that react together under pressure, leaving an accurate copy which is neater than old-fashioned carbon copies. The maximum number of copies that can be created with NCR printing is three, and you can get books of NCR paper that creates three copies, known as triplicate books.

Triplicate (3 Part) NCR Books from Instaprint are produced to the very highest standards, and can feature your own personalised design. Our triplicate books are each formed of 50 sets, with all sheets perforated to enable easy removal as required. You can leave copies in the book for safe storage, and you get the option of a plain or custom-printed front cover with a grey backing board. You can choose between having them bound across the long edge or the short edge using 2 staples reinforced by black spine tape.

There are hundreds of potential uses for NCR paper, but one of the most common is invoices. We offer an invoice book printing service that can be customised to fit your business needs, and will enable the swift and easy creation of copies that can be retained for your records. This is useful for tax and expenses purposes, as well as keeping a record of transactions in case any conflicts or queries arise. And with the customised NCR printing we offer, you can include your company branding to increase the chances of repeat custom.

Typically, our triplicate NCR books feature white, yellow and pink pages, in that order. You can change this on request if you have different requirements. The messy blue carbon paper is completely taken out of the equation, so you can wave goodbye to smudges and poor copies. Your record-keeping for hand-written invoices will be the best it’s ever been, and it won’t take up a chunk of your budget either.

Instaprint is one of the most trusted, proven suppliers of quality printed items. We are experts in the sector, and have a profound understanding of the needs of businesses using all manner of custom printed materials. Get in touch today to discuss our invoice book printing options, and take full advantage of triplicate NCR books in your business.

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