There are lots of different options available when you are considering marketing and advertising tools for your business. Although social media and other modern marketing options are becoming more popular, lots of businesses still find printed advertising an affordable and effective way to go.

Within that particular advertising genre, there are a number of choices available, and one of the most effective is the design and printing of tri fold brochures. Here are some of the benefits to consider when you consider your brochure design and print options:

Promote a large amount of information

A tri fold brochure is a great vehicle to provide a large amount of information in a compact document. These brochures utilize both sides of an A4 sized paper, providing an opportunity to include both text and images in an orderly and effective document that will have an immediate impact.

Tri fold brochures easily fit into pockets

Once folded, a tri fold brochure becomes a third of the size of an A4 flyer – making it easy to be put into a pocket, therefore making it more likely to be retained by the person who receives it. This means it has a better chance of being referred to repeatedly, thus giving a better chance of getting your message and information across!

Easily create different content sections

If your business offers lots of different products or services, then tri fold brochure printing is a great option for your marketing. The provision of six different and separate ‘panels’ allows you to ‘compartmentalize’ your services into distinct, individual categories, with a different panel representing a different product and naturally breaking down your information for easy reading.

Cost effective print marketing

Although they are usually a little more expensive than printing single-sided A4 flyers, the extra space created for the delivery of a greater amount of information, is relatively cheaper and provides better value for money.

They are also inexpensive when compared to the cost of designing and printing catalogues or ‘full-scale’ brochures. If your business offers affordable ‘everyday’ products or services (nail salon, hairdressers, café and such) rather than ‘high-end’ products such as cars or kitchens and bathrooms, then a tri fold brochure is a more appropriate, effective and affordable marketing vehicle. 

Provide a professional appearance

As mentioned, tri fold brochures may be slightly more expensive to design and print, but the added quality and professional look they provide will help your business stand-out from your competitors.

Perfect marketing tool for display

The tri fold brochure is the perfect marketing tool for display – in many hotels and retail outlets you will find racks full of these brochures advertising a variety of services. These rack card displays are invariably stopped at and browsed, with customers helping themselves to the cards to take away with them for later reference (think of hotel reception areas packed with local maps, attractions and local businesses). Their convenient size and format make them perfect for open display and to be picked-up and carried away by potential customers.


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