Shop window vinyls are a great way to enhance the face of your business. Just about every business premises have windows – often large expanses of space, so why not utilise that opportunity by creating an innovative and artistic display that will attract interest and promote curiosity in your business.

Whether your company is a retail, another for-profit business or a non-profit organization, increasing your brand awareness and getting your company name and image better known is vital to increase business and use of your products or services.

Here are some benefits of marketing through shop window graphics:

Increased Brand Awareness

The main aim of marketing your business is to improve trade – whilst some may equate that directly to increased sales of your products which is, of course, a desired effect, your marketing also serves to increase public awareness of your brand name and image.

Shop window graphics are a great vehicle for emblazoning your company name, logo and other aspects of your business that you want potential customers to be aware of. What grabs the attention of a passer-by more – a plain, standard shop / office window or a large colourful graphic projecting out from your premises?

An eye-catching design and highly quality imagery will help familiarize your business to potential customers who see it – those who walk or drive past your business regularly will be constantly reminded of your presence and your company name will spring to mind when they are next considering whatever product or service your business provides.

Highlight Your Location

Another benefit of retail graphics is that it highlights your company premises.

Most businesses will be displaying their company name with a sign either on or above their premises door – but this is not always prominent. Depending upon the space available – vinyl graphics in your window are at eye-level, therefore more easily catching people’s view. The extra space afforded by a window allows for greater text and imagery to draw attention to your premises.

Direct Customers

Retail graphics can act as directional signage – you want a customer’s first visit to your premises to be an enjoyable and easy experience. Retail signage can inform and help people – if your business premises has more than one entrance, window graphics can clearly display correct entrances for specific departments or offices your visitor is looking for and can offer the same for their departure, perhaps directing them to the appropriate exit and car parking facility and such.

Highlight Offers and Promotions

Retail graphics are a great way to inform people of special offers and promotions. If your business is having a sale, or launching a specific promotion, then window graphics can boldly and clearly display the details and tempt potential buyers into your store.

Promote Your Other Marketing

A window display is also ideal to inform people of other ways of accessing your business and its’ products. You probably have a website detailing all your available products and / or services – but that is of little use if people don’t view it!

A window graphics display is an ideal way to inform people of your other marketing vehicles – window retail graphics can display your website address and social media platforms along with any other relevant contact details.

Double Value

One of the advantages of retail signage is the fact that both sides can be used! Your retail graphic can be viewed from both outside and inside your premises, unlike other forms of advertising.

Using an innovative, bold and interesting design for your window graphics can really enhance your retail signage impact. You can be as creative and adventurous with your images, designs and colours as you want – an interesting and vivid design will attract attention and entice people to your business.

Window graphics are easy to install and replace, so can be changed frequently to inform people of new events and products. It is a cost effective form of marketing as you do not need any outlay other than the production of the graphics themselves – unlike other forms of advertising or marketing, you don’t have to pay for the space – you already have it!


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