We’ve all seen, at some time, pavement advertising – either free-standing A- boards set out on the street, or even now, the more traditional ‘sandwich board’ hung over somebody’s shoulders, highlighting a specific business, product or event.  It is one of the oldest forms of advertising, but is still an easy and affordable way to advertise your business locally. They are durable and sturdy, which makes them ideal for use both indoors and outside. Whichever form of A-board signage you use, they are easy to set-up – simply placed outside of your premises at the start of business, or slung over the shoulders of an employee, they will effectively convey your message to the local community as they pass-by your business.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider advertising with this form of pavement sign:   

Local advertising

Sandwich boards are largely used by roadside businesses and are great for local advertising. For example, you will often see A-board pavement signs used outside restaurants and cafes, perhaps highlighting daily specials or menus, and other specific promotions. 

Placing free-standing A-board signs outside can draw attention to the menu, daily specials and offers, and can also be utilised indoors to display both a greeting and, on the reverse, a parting, appreciative message to the customers which adds to their sense of good customer service.

Mobile advertising

Advertising with a sandwich board can allow to directly target a certain area where your message can be seen by the maximum number of people. You can even directly target specific buildings or streets – for example, there may be a large commercial centre you can target at lunch-time to encourage local employees to visit your premise for lunch, or other services.  

Cost effective

Obviously, advertising costs money – and some smaller businesses struggle to have a dedicated marketing or advertising budget. A pavement sign offers you a cost effective option – they are relatively inexpensive and, whether using a standing pavement sign, or a walking sandwich A-board, you can advertise locally and effectively.


The most common use of a sandwich board sign is promotional advertising of a retail shop, or local business with a storefront. Its’ intention is to alert and inform passing potential customers, usually of specific offers available inside, and to try to steer footfall traffic inside their premises. Ensure that the information is displayed in such a way as to be eye-catching and concise – the idea is to attract people’s attention and get them to enter your premises to either take advantage of the promotion or, at least, obtain more information for a potential future visit.  

Versatile and Reusable

The nature of a sandwich board allows it to be reused over and over again. Most are durable and hard-wearing, can be used even in inclement weather, and it is easy to change the message on a daily basis, if required. This makes it especially useful for smaller, local businesses.


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