There are many ways to advertise your business, some more effective than others – and some more expensive than others! Research shows that one of the most effective forms of advertising is well-designed, and placed, retail signage – a good shop front sign will get you noticed and be a constant reminder to potential customers of your presence there in that location.

Here are some of the proven benefits of retail signage:

1. Shop signs get you noticed

The most basic function of shop front signs – they get you noticed! An appealing, or eye-catching, shop front sign will attract attention and, therefore, encourage people to explore further and enter your retail premises.

2. Grab the public’s interest

Designing and displaying an interesting, and attractive, shop sign will attract people to your store. If you are a new business, making a first impression is vitally important and your first customers will, most likely, visit you because of the impact your shop signage has on them.

3. Identify your location

Again, seems fairly obvious – if people can’t find you, they won’t visit your premises. Potential customers aren’t always just local people from your area’s location – they may have travelled specifically to see your store – and if they can’t find you, they can’t come in!

Alternatively, casual ‘passing trade’ won’t be enticed into visiting your premises if they are not aware it’s there – it’s your responsibility, and obviously, in your interests, to ensure that you are seen and can be easily found – displaying a prominent shop front sign is the easiest way to do that!

4. Stand out from your competition

If you are located on a busy high street, or in a shopping precinct/mall, then you are competing with lots of other stores – some of which are likely selling the same sort of products as yourself. If your shop front sign is eye-catching, and more appealing/interesting than others, then people will be encouraged to visit your premises, and therefore buy from you, rather than the competition.

5. Reinforce your branding

Your shop front sign is the first thing your potential, and existing, customer sees so it’s important to make the right impression. Your sign should portray your brand and message – so every time someone sees it they recognise your business and are regularly reminded of your presence there and what your business stands for.

6. Advertising presence

Statistics show that around 85% of a shop’s regular customers live within a five-mile radius of the store. This means that a lot of your existing, and potential new, customers may pass your premises regularly – on their way to and from work, the school-run and so on.

Your shop front sign is a constant reminder to them that your business is there and available to them. As shop front signage is permanently on display, it is a continuous form of advertising and marketing.

7. Cost-effective

There are a lot of different ways to advertise and market your business – local radio or newspaper adverts, flyers, leaflets and such. Many of these though, can carry quite substantial financial overheads – and require repeat investment.

With retail signage, one initial investment gets you constant advertising – and , as around 20% of people relocate every year, you will regularly be attracting potential new customers, as well as the regular reinforcement of your business brand to your regular customers, as mentioned previously.

8. Increased Business

The main reason any business advertises is to increase sales of their product or service. Figures show that up to 45% of people visiting your retail premises are doing so on impulse. Shop front signs will, therefore, have a direct impact on sales – if your sign prompts someone to enter your premises, then you have the opportunity to make a sale to these ‘impulse’ customers!

There are a number of different styles, or types, of retail signage available – whether you opt for banner signage, big format printed posters, wall-mounted signs or the latest digital and LED signage, your business will benefit greatly from a well-designed, and displayed, retail sign.

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