When it comes to advertising, you’re probably aware of the usual options. What if you want to do something different though? Something which will turn hundreds or even thousands of heads and spark conversations? That’s why using vehicle graphics might be the answer you’re looking for.

Vehicle branding is a great way to spread the message you want to share. A static advert will only display your brand in one location. Removable magnetic signs, or vehicle and van wraps are the new, powerful way to spread the word about what you can offer customers. At John E Wright, we can turn your vehicles into marketing livery on the go thanks to our creative on-vehicle advertising solutions. Why do we think vehicle graphics are the way to go?

Vehicle graphics get the word out and about

If your business covers a large catchment area, bold and colourful vehicle wraps will grab the attention of pedestrians and other drivers far more than an undecorated white van. Bonus points if you’ve got access to a fleet of vehicles which are covering a large area. Your unique wrap could reach a much bigger audience than static adverts, delivering your message to customers you may never even have considered.

Vehicle graphics put you in charge of costs

When you borrow space from someone else, such as taking out an advert in the newspaper or renting a billboard, you’ve got that space for a pre-agreed time. Eventually, your rent will expire, and someone else will take over the space. If you want that space back, you pay again. Wrapping your own property means you’re in control. Keep one set of artwork on your vehicle for months, or change it more frequently. You’re in charge of the when and where, and how much and how often you’re paying.

Vehicle graphics keep it friendly

Aggressive tactics like going door to door or cold calling are not appreciated by consumers who want to enjoy their day. The same goes for TV and radio adverts, which interrupt favourite shows or music. A colourful vehicle wrap will draw the eye naturally, without interrupting someone’s day. This unobtrusive approach is definitely a better way to introduce yourself to people.

Vehicle graphics protect your assets

Vinyl wrapping is exactly what it says – the vehicle gains a protective skin of vinyl. This can easily be removed by our specialist team without harming the original paintwork at a later date. With this extra layer of protection, it’s the vinyl which will be taking the brunt of the little scratches and dents which we all pick up, leaving the paintwork beneath it protected and in pristine condition if you decide it’s time to trade in or sell your vehicle.

John E Wright

John E Wright’s fully trained fitting staff can help transform your vehicle into something really unique. Whether you’re looking for a full wrap, help to rebrand your fleet or some removable magnetic signs, John E Wright can help your vehicle become more than just a mode of transport – it’s the next step in your marketing plan. Get in touch and tell us about your requirements, or upload your design directly to our printers through our website. It’s so easy, and you’d be surprised at how cost effective it can be.