When it comes to marketing, businesses ultimately want to be noticed. Whether promoting your company via digital marketing or traditional print marketing, the goal remains the same.

However, promotional printing has several clear advantages over digital promotional material. When trying to spread the word about your business in an eye-catching, memorable manner, there is just something special about a real invitation, postcard, poster, leaflet or flyer.

Using promotional printing in Nottingham is a great way to get your business noticed!

The personal touch

Digital advertising certainly has its advantages, but telling someone to visit your website is always going to be a game of chance. It relies on them not only remembering the website, but keeping it in mind until they reach a computer or next go on their smartphone. With promotional printing, it’s different. Take leaflets and flyers for example. Once they’re in a potential customer’s hands, it’s far more likely they will read the information contained within. Promotional printing feels more personal and often, the personal touch is the key to marketing success.

First impressions

With promotional printing, people will also get a flavour of the business. If the design and colours used are strong, they’ll form an immediately positive first impression. They won’t be thinking about competitors and opening another tab in their web browser to check out the competition – they’ll be thinking about your business and what it can offer. You can still include that all important web address too!

The power of promotional printing

Whether someone picks up a colourful leaflet or notices a beautiful poster on the wall, promotional printing can be very powerful when done right. It can help a business stand out from the crowd, and even if your poster doesn’t connect with one person, it may well connect with the next. Furthermore, the first person may mention the poster to someone who they think it would interest! This is true of all promotional printing, making it a powerful marketing tool.

Make your business memorable! If you need promotional printing for your Nottingham-based business, contact us now.