How your business can benefit from outdoor signs

We’ve all heard it – these days everything is about online presence and digital media. But the fundamental truth is that we all actually live in the real, three dimensional world. Companies still benefit from potential customers walking past and noticing them, and this is something that you could use very effectively – brand recognition and familiarity count for a lot, and the inclination to support local businesses is growing. Go for promotional printing with banner frames and large signage in Nottingham, and make sure people know you’re really there!

Outdoor advertising is, in many ways, one of the last forms of traditional broadcast media. You can think about physical positioning, but basically it is appealing to everyone who sees it; it’s not segmented into user groups, but rather it is present in the most public of forums. It is something that works particularly well for local businesses who identify with their clientele.

Some advantages of outdoor signs

Over 70% of decisions to purchase are made almost at the point of sale, and outside advertising provides the encouragement needed to make the final financial commitment. Obviously your outdoor advertising should be in-keeping with other elements of your marketing strategy, and should reinforce your brand identity – mix it up with your other channels.

An advantage of physical promotion is that it isn’t turned off, it’s there to be seen anytime by anyone, effectively extending the lifespan of your promotional campaigns. The ‘larger than life’ aspect of outdoor advertising is effective too – it’s literally in your face for a few moments! It will grab your potential customers’ attention and stimulate their recall of your brand at a later point, as well as being a physical reminder of a brand’s stature. .

Done well, a good outdoor advertising campaign can become a talking point, and it can often end up being used as a geographical point of reference. Therefore, making it relevant to the local demographic is key.

So get noticed! If you need an outdoor sign printing for your Nottingham-based business, contact us now.