Given the rise of internet shopping, and the decline of the High Street, retailers really need to focus on attracting attention and drawing new customers into their shop. The store window is the best place to do this, allowing anyone passing your shop to instantly get a great impression of your brand and your products. A successful window display draws customers into your store while also giving them reasons to buy – one of the most effective ways of advertising your business is through customer window stickers. Here are some of their advantages:

Custom means a unique window graphic design

By designing and using your own window stickers, you can tell the customer anything you want, without having to rely on pre-existing designs. This means you can use your business analytics information or your new promotional campaign and tailor the designs and decals to suit your every need, regardless of what it is you want to promote. It also means you can create whatever window graphics you need to match your current campaigns, and can quickly design and use new material if your marketing plans change.

A cost effective way to advertise

Unlike large manufactured window displays, ordering custom window stickers to advertise your business is cheap. This means you can effectively advertise for very little cost, maximising your return on investment. In addition, the cheap cost also means you have lots of flexibility in changing your campaign, allowing you to be reactive to the dynamic market around you.

Build brand awareness

Managing and maintaining effective brand awareness is essential to differentiating your store from the countless others on the same stretch of high street. By using bold designs and vivid colours, you can make your store front extremely eye-catching, drawing people into the store, and making the brand instantly recognisable, allowing for long-term awareness of your business and products.

At Instaprint, we pride ourselves on producing bespoke and custom window decals, stickers and graphics for all of your business needs. Now that you know about the advantages of using custom window stickers to advertise your business, why not order some for yourself?


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