Among the many different and diverse forms of advertising used by companies, the humble A6 flyer design and printing is still one of the most versatile, flexible and effective marketing vehicles you can use!

They are easy to produce, affordable and can grab the interest and attention of potential customers for your business.

Here are a few of the benefits of including this promotional printing item in your advertising armoury: 

Straightforward and concise

In general, flyers are used to convey a message to potential customers regarding a specific product, offer or service. The best format is to keep it simple with limited text, but prominent appearance. The wording is normally ‘catchy’ and concise – use of big lettering and a bold font help to keep the message headlined and memorable.


A6 flyer printing is an effective marketing tool – both from a result and cost basis. You can design and print, or photocopy, them yourself from home on your computer. If, however, you are looking for considerable numbers – and a more professional finished product – you can order them from a professional printing company and have them digitally printed and finished. This, again, is a relatively economical overhead for the results a well-designed flyer can produce.

Easy to produce

This form of promotional printing is easy to produce – you can design, prepare and distribute flyers in a day, if necessary. It is, however, always advisable to use a professional for your A6 flyer design – a well-designed and professionally printed leaflet will give a greater impression of quality in the service or product you are trying to promote.


A6 flyer printing is a great vehicle to, not only highlight and advertise your product, but also to offer its recipients incentives! Your flyer could act as a voucher in itself, or display coupon codes for use on your website, or perhaps, at an event your flyer is promoting. This as a very effective way to engage with potential customers and creates a retention value for them to keep the flyer, thus automatically creating repeated awareness raising whenever the leaflet is looked at again.  

Wide audience

There are different ways to distribute your flyers from advanced, identified mailing lists to simple door-to-door delivery, or distribution in general areas of high footfall, thus allowing you access to a whole range of different groups of potential customers. You can also distribute digital versions of your A6 flyer through different social media platforms to further extend the numbers of people you reach.

Targeted marketing

As well as the general, “widespread” marketing appeal of A6 flyer printing, they can be used for more specific, targeted marketing to specific businesses, geographical areas or groups – for example, if you are trying to promote a social event and want to attract students, then you can hand-deliver to university campuses, or relevant colleges in the area. Likewise, you can target industrial or business parks if trying to appeal to specific types of companies or business sectors.

Generally, promotional printing, and distribution, of A6 flyers will cost-effectively promote your company and product or service – remember to keep the message concise and simple and your flyers will reap positive results for you!


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