Better late than never! As at the time of writing this it’s St George’s Day I’d like to make a mention of this and include a picture of a Dragon! We recently produced a series of prints for Leicester based artist & designer Mat Mabe. Mat has produced a beautiful and original series of animal portraits using vector graphics and bold colours. These primitive animals complete a full alphabet including those difficult ‘Q’ & ‘X’ creatures.

Pedestrian Gallery

The print sequence has been on display at Pedestrian in Leicester and whilst only there for a short while the prints are still available to buy on Mat’s website which is here. Very much worth a visit as they are excellent and unique images which we really enjoyed printing.

The prints were produced using HP Pigment Ink system printers on Hahnemulhe Photo Rag paper to exhibition quality, ideal for this type of limited edition art print. For more information and discuss this type of print service please contact your local branch or email