Successful marketing doesn’t just happen. It is the result of forward planning and a strategic approach. If you are unhappy with your current marketing message you have the power to change it.

Why Advertising Leaflets?

Advertising and marketing your business is essential in this day and age, particularly with the current economic climate. So to compliment your marketing strategy, a good selection of marketing materials including printed leaflets can really help to promote your business to its fullest to a wider audience.

Direct marketing is about making direct contact with existing and potential customers to promote your products or services.

 Will it be expensive?

Leaflets can be relatively quick and easy to produce, as well as being very cost effective and extremely powerful at generating sales.

Printing costs can vary so it’s worthwhile spending some time of looking for the best deal. The main factors that will determine your final price are:

  • Quantity – Usually the larger the print order the more cost effective it is.
  • Paper Size & Finish – The size of your leaflet, the paper weight and its gloss, laminated or matt finish will affect price.
  • Design– Many printers now offer professional graphic design services, which is probably worthwhile using. A professionally designed leaflet, will have a professional feel in the end, which is more likely to bring in and attract business.

What info do I include?

If your advertising leaflet is interesting AND eye-catching, it will be read and hopefully remembered. You must know what is like, if something takes your eye, you can’t help but take a look. Then if it’s actually worth the look, you’ll read on. Therefore, the design is also important, you want to stir that first point of interest, then when your potential customer is hooked, reel them in with interesting and informative content.

Try to avoid making your leaflet an oversized business card, that will look boring and could easily be forgotten. So it’s important to include all your contact information, but you need something extra.

Customer incentives can be a great attraction. The most successful leaflets are often the ones which draw you in with offers, a voucher or discount which must be redeemed within a certain time.

As well as encouraging business, this will also help you monitor the success of your campaign. You can count up the amount of vouchers which have been redeemed and gauge which offers worked and when.

Will a leaflet bring in business?

The ultimate aim of any marketing effort is to promote your company and bring in extra business.

If people hear what you are saying, and more importantly they like what they hear, they will come to you and your investment will be worthwhile.

At Instaprint we offer a wide range of leaflet design and print options.

We are experienced and professional printers who will provide you with a finished product that you will not only be proud of, but will help you promote you business. For more information or a chat about your requirements please call us on 0115 895 0123 or email