In our modern age, many businesses focus on digital marketing campaigns as their primary approach, however some of the more traditional methods still have an active and distinctive place in brand marketing.

Posters are a traditional marketing tool ideal for smaller and medium businesses to get their message across to prospective customers in a simple yet effective way and the use of large posters is ideal for communicating with a greater number of customers at once, usually in a publicly accessible place.

Less Noisy Than Online Advertising

Whilst there is no doubt that digital marketing is very effective it is also a very crowded market place. With the use of posters you are not directly being compared with your competitors at the same time, side by side. Depending on your poster design, this is a great opportunity to give your brand some breathing space and concentrate on your brand presence.

Cheaper and Quicker Than The TV, Or The Radio…

Using large posters to advertise your products or services is much cheaper than paying for a television or radio advert and yet has great reach.

It is also much quicker to start your campaign using poster advertising as creating and placing your poster is a much simpler process. So if you need to get that marketing message out quickly, large poster printing is a great choice.

Location, location, location…

Consider the location of the poster to get the most reach with your campaign. Do you know that most of your target customers will visit a particular place? You can reach a large number of people in a short space of time if you choose the ideal location.

Poster Design

Posters are very visual are perfect for not only advertising your product or your service but your brand itself.

When you are considering your poster design you will need to consider the message you wish to communicate – A2 printing size upwards is the ideal size to concentrate on bold imagery and minimal but effective wording for maximum impact.

Large Poster Printing

Organising the printing of your poster is a fairly cost-effective and swift process. John E Wright can offer digital poster printing for advertising, events, and retail campaigns. We offer a variety of poster sizes in different paper weights and various finishes are available. Turnaround times are swift – in many cases same day poster printing is available.


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