Posters are a superb choice for advertising your events, and are perfect for marketing art work and public information. Designing one from scratch is a difficult business though – the right computer programmes are needed and the formatting can often be fiddly. Luckily, Instaprint Nottingham are here to help: with our poster template system, you can design posters online, either by customising existing ideas from professional graphic designers, or by uploading graphics of your own. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Step 1 – Choose a design

Firstly, have a think about the sort of design that you need. You can filter your choices down the left hand side of the page – choosing everything from size and suited industry to styles and colours. A larger (A3 and higher) poster might not be suited to all environments – think about the space it will be given and who you want to reach. You can find a design to match your own logo at this point – there’s a handy filter for it on the left.

Step 2 – Choose your options

After you have chosen a design, it is time to choose your options. Here, you can decide on everything from paper weights and materials to the quantity of your order – your prices will then be calculated for you, giving you a black and white figure for what you might be looking at for your printing. Almost there – but it’s not over yet!

Step 3 – Edit your design

Finally, it’s time to make this design your own. Here, you’ll find the design that you have chosen is wholly adaptable to suit the needs of your business or event – you can re-write all of the words and change fonts, spaces, alignments and whatever you’d like. Have a good think about it though – you don’t want your poster to be either too cluttered or too minimal in its information. Make sure that any special offers stand out clearly, and that your design matches the style and aesthetic of your business.

With such quick, easy options to create high quality posters online, as well as delivery times to suit your busy schedule, now couldn’t be a better time to begin designing your material and promoting yourself. Visit Instaprint to get the ball rolling, or contact our team, who are full of helpful tips and knowledge which will allow you to design a poster using our poster templates to create maximum impact.