Leaflets have shown significant longevity in business marketing and promotion, something that is increasingly dominated by online advertising. Perfect for promoting local businesses and events, as well as informing the public in general, an attractive and well-designed leaflet is particularly useful in providing potential customers with a tangible reminder of your message, rather than something that they can simply close with a mouse. At Instaprint, we make leaflet design a breeze – allowing you to choose and edit leaflet design templates, upload your own logos and designs and generally tailor our resources to your business. Let’s take a look at how our template system works.

Step #1 – Choose a design

Your first step will be to choose a design that suits you. We have a huge range of options that can be filtered by sizes, industry types, sizes and styles, as well as many other templates that are perfect for uploading your own logo onto. Simply filter away and find the right one – try and make it stand out from the crowd whilst evoking the aesthetic of your brand.

Step #2 – Choose your options

Next, it’s time to choose your printing options. Here, you can choose your paper style and type, as well as when you’d like it to be delivered and how many you need. The cost is shown to you in black and white at the bottom of the page, allowing you to keep to your budget.

Step #3 – Edit your design

The final step is the one in which you make you design work for you. Our design personalisation pages allows you to edit the copy, fonts, spacing and general layout of your leaflet. Try and make sure that the information is clear and uncluttered, and that the main promotion is clear and at the forefront of the design. Your logo and general ‘style’ will also need to come across in your design, so take your time!

And in those three steps, your leaflet is designed! With a very high quality of leaflets and the convenience of our online templates, now could not be a better time to get designing and get promoting.  Visit Instaprint to get the ball rolling, or contact our team, who are full of helpful tips and knowledge which will allow you to design a leaflet using our leaflet templates to create maximum impact.