There are many different printing processes and techniques available for companies to access when considering their printed marketing materials requirements and advertising campaigns. One of the most widely used processes is large format printing.



Here are aspects of this printing process that you will find helpful when planning your business printing:

The printing process

The process for large format printing is quick, efficient and produces high-quality photographs and images – it is a similar process to digital printing. Large nozzles are used to lay down toner through the press directly applying ink to the product thus creating a “cleaner”, more authentic image and feel than other printing processes where mounted printed pieces are applied to substrates.

Types of printers

The printers most often used for large format printers are roll-to-roll or flatbed printers – or, sometimes, a combination of the two.

Roll-to-roll printers

Are ideal for outdoor banner printing or for printing on materials such as canvas or flexible materials that are provided on rolls. It works by loading the appropriate roll of material on one side from where it is passed through the printer where it is re-rolled onto another roller. This process can be streamlined for faster production making it ideal for long print runs on flexible materials.

Flatbed printers

Having the chosen substrate placed on the printer bed which then propels the material through the printer with the UV light turning the liquid ink into solid ink on the substrate. These printers are best for printing directly onto thicker and denser substrates.

How to prepare files

When producing your files for your required print, ensure that you have correctly identified the sizes you require and that you use the highest resolution in order to produce the best quality image.


There are many applications and products that lend themselves to large format printing – wall and floor graphics, signage for trade events along with directional signage in a multitude of environments, retail till or point of purchase displays and, very commonly, posters and both indoor and outdoor banners. 

Benefits of large format printing

Amongst the many practical benefits of large format printing, are having the advantage of a large surface area for your advertisement, promotion or display and the benefits of the UV cured ink which adds durability and strength to your printed item. This makes the process ideal for producing printed pieces that can withstand the many different weather elements that they may be subjected to in their chosen location.


As mentioned previously, large format printing has the benefit of being able to be applied to many substrates – you can print on just about any material you can fit onto your machine. Large format printing can be applied to glass, cloth, wood, metal, vinyl and even corrugated plastic!

Large format printing allows you to produce high-quality, attention-catching, visibly prominent printed signs and displays that will get your message and name noticed. If you are looking for a print company in Nottingham that can provide you with these valuable and high-end marketing materials, then contact John E Wright Ltd. either directly, or via their excellent and informative website.