Large-print wall paper motifs have been used for some time now to revamp a quiet corner or to harness colour or scale in new ways, both at home or in business. But have you ever frequented that place you just love to visit where wall graphics were expertly placed to convey an ambience that had that special joie de vivre? Here are five ways to use wall graphics to enhance the way you do business for your customers and your team, to create a lasting impression.

Wall Graphics for an office branding extravaganza

Gone are the days when business cards and an elevator pitch were all you needed for marketing success. These days, office branding offers you endless ways to market your professional credentials to customers with effortless ease. Introduce a sense of fun and colour that fits with your business model and style.

From company logos, slogans and geographical icons to reinforce business identity within your region, wall graphics in an office or store environment can showcase your brand in your unique locality, creating lasting impressions on visitors and customers.

Prominent office branding displayed in your lobby or conference room will welcome clients into your world, a world they will come to identify as uniquely yours. Not only that, but potential employees can visualise and capture the culture and feel of your business too. You set the scene and tone of the business, looming large!

What do you stand for?

Custom wall graphics will display your company mission statement, core values and business specialisms to an audience that includes staff, visitors and clients. Museum graphics have been used for decades to inspire and reimagine natural history through imagery. Why not business?

A mission statement will envision staff members on a daily basis, whilst core values remind clients of the level of service that they can expect and rely on. These core aspects of business, presented in your unique brand and style, will exemplify the products and services you offer, displayed everywhere from work areas to break-out spaces to inspire the business culture being nurtured across all areas.

Inspire your employees

Daily reminders work a treat for anyone who wants to be a business leader. Reminding your team of the company’s values motivates purpose and a sense of belonging in the daily routine. Instil a sense of fun and entertainment with slogans and inspirational quotes that reinforce a broader corporate message and collective culture at work.

What are your roots?

So you’ve got the imagery, branding and inspiration to splash across your hallowed walls, but what has the journey entailed? Showcasing your company’s journey timeline on a prominent wall space is the perfect way to present the big story and remind viewers of your successes and business determination. It can be a light-hearted graphical tale of change, growth and courage that will inspire respect and admiration from its readers. If you’re a gallery, aquarium or museum, graphic murals will provide the unique experience expected by your visitors, where ancient timelines or depictions of prehistory can inspire an unforgettable visit.

Show off in style

The products and services you provide are your bread and butter, so draw attention to them with bold vinyl wall visuals, expertly installed and finished. Showcase specialist equipment and new innovations by featuring your products being used in the arenas they’re designed for. In a restaurant, a well-placed larger than life photograph of people sharing good times over a meal will inspire the ambience and overall decor style you wish for. The possibilities are endless, and getting the right advice and quality finishes are important to make the most of wall graphic marketing techniques.

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