Even with so much emphasis on digital marketing, flyers can still be a highly effective way to get your name out there. But when you’re spending money on any kind of marketing activity, you need to get as much ‘bang for your buck’ as possible.

Your flyer design has got to be eye-catching and memorable to draw in clients and get their attention.

Flyer Design – You need to plan it

You can’t just throw a flyer design together and expect it to magically attract your ideal customers. You need to be extremely clear on who your target market is and what their problems and pain points are, so you can speak directly to your ideal clients.

Before you work with a designer or start designing your flyer yourself, think about what appeals to your ideal client, both visually in terms of colours and images, and in terms of benefits that you can write about.

Flyer Content – Include benefits not just features

Your potential customer wants to know how your product or service solves a problem and how it might boost their bottom line. Don’t just list how something works, or how to go about getting it – this is information is useful but be clear how exactly your audience will benefit from what your offering.

Great Flyer Design – Think about imagery

The perfect image can make all the difference to how good your flyer is and how well it stands out. If they are not immediately drawn in they may not even pick it up. You need to entice viewers to read your copy.

Use something that fits in with your brand and the message that you want to get across; something eye-catching that speaks to your target audience. And always use a high-quality image for your marketing materials. Out of focus or badly-framed shots can make your company seem unprofessional.

If you don’t have the budget for a designer, why not try an online flyer design with ready-made templates to customise?

Flyer Design Tempates – Keep It Simple

You only have limited space on a flyer, so keep text short and to the point. Break your copy up with bullet points, graphics and images, and don’t include huge blocks of text, as they are hard to read and off-putting to the eye.

Ensure your fonts are clear and readable, and don’t include too many different fonts and colours as the flyer will look too busy and cluttered.

Online Flyer Design – Include a call to action

You’re handing out a flyer because you want to promote something – an event, a new product, or a service. What do you want your prospect to do once they’ve read your flyer? Get a quote? Call you? Sign up to your email list? Whatever it is, don’t forget to include a clear call to action on your flyer.

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