A lot of time, effort and money goes into marketing and advertising events such as concerts, sales or business / store openings. All that effort is wasted though, if you can’t alert your target audience to the event. Businesses use a number of different marketing strategies and vehicles to spread their message, such as radio, newspapers and advertising hoardings. This, however, comes at a cost and may not be feasible for smaller businesses. Social media can play a big role in advertising these days and is a cheaper option to perhaps utilise. There is, however, another more traditional, tried and trusted, marketing vehicle you could consider – advertising flyers or leaflets!

Here are five reasons why you should think about using cheap flyer printing to alert your prospective audience to your event:

Reach your target audience

Advertising flyers are a great vehicle to promote your event and there are a number of ways you can organise their distribution to reach as many of your target audience as possible, Arrange a leaflet drop delivered door-to-door, or perhaps include them as an insert in local free papers that are delivered around your target area. Consider undertaking a campaign of physically handing them out in busy footfall areas, such as shopping centres, leisure complexes and public buildings.

Provide a tangible asset while promoting your event

Providing an actual, physical item promoting your event is always an advantage. It gives the potential attendee something tangible they can actually look at, and refer back to if necessary, therefore acting, not only as an initial invitation to the event, but also as a regular reminder, if kept.

You should consider the style and impact of your flyer for this reason – consider the design and the quality – for example, a glossy, tactile finish will, not only encourage people to read it initially, but keep the flyer for future reference.

Incentivise recipients to act

As well as advertising your event, your flyers also offer the opportunity to incentivise potential clients to attend, or to engage with your business in some other way. By including an incentive on your flyer – maybe incorporating a code, or voucher, offering a discounted entry fee, or some other merchandise associated to your event or business – you can potentially boost the attendance.

Add value to measure the success of your campaign

A really useful feature, or advantage, of using flyers is that it can provide you with a quantifiable result as to how successful the campaign was. By including coupon codes, flyer numbers, URL’s or QR codes, you can measure the impact that your flyers had in regard to attendance figures for, or interest in, your event. This provides you with valuable feedback and information to use in any future marketing campaign you may undertake.


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