Most businesses in all arenas have become far more aware of, and responsible for, their environmental responsibility in the production and delivery of their products and services. Reducing carbon emissions is a vital aspect of these responsibilities – here are some suggestions as to policies and processes businesses can consider in helping reduce their corporate carbon footprint:

Recycle wherever possible

Adopting a policy of recycling wherever possible can greatly reduce your carbon footprint – recycling will reduce the number of raw materials required. An eco-friendly printing company using a ton of recycled paper will typically save 17 trees from deforestation, along with 7000 gallons of water and 380 gallons of oil – a considerable contribution to carbon footprint reduction.

Recycling and reusing your own printed products, such as recycled leaflet printing and booklet or brochure printing, will reduce your need for new materials to produce printed products from ‘scratch’ and prove both a business saving and an environmental benefit at the same time!

Implementing regular recycling collections in your workplace will contribute to a greener policy and can possibly boost your business appeal to customers and suppliers who are themselves seeking to reduce their own carbon footprints and adopt eco-friendly policies.

Use other recycled sources

As well as recycling your own products, sourcing all your necessary materials from eco-friendly sources will contribute to the reduction of your company’s carbon footprint. As well as making your own business more environmentally responsible, this will also positively contribute to the preservation of both land masses and natural habitats of many animals, birds, insects, and plant life.

Seek out sustainable suppliers

Use recognised sustainable suppliers wherever possible – seek out suppliers who are formally certificated as environmentally responsible, for example, those businesses who are ISO 14001 accredited. This certification is proof of positive environmental management of their Quality Control Systems – by using these companies as suppliers you are not only supporting them and yourselves in reducing carbon footprints, but, by definition, you are NOT supporting non-environmentally friendly companies who are not making efforts in carbon-friendly processes.

Embrace 0nline meetings to reduce travel

The pandemic forced many businesses to adopt online meetings and events – sustaining this practice will help reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Wherever this practice of remote virtual meetings is used, the removal of the need for people to travel to other venues to attend the events saves staff commuting time and expense as well as reducing your company’s travel emissions and therefore, your carbon footprint.

Invest in a green energy supplier

Another way of effectively reducing your company’s carbon footprint is to invest in green energy and green office and production equipment. Many energy providers offer green energy tariffs which will benefit both your business and the environment. Generate, perhaps, your own renewable energy sources – solar panels are cost effective and eco-friendly if your company has the capacity to invest. Look for ‘everyday’ savings in the way your business uses energy – turning lights off in rooms not in use, reducing the heating by a degree or two, and encouraging staff to dress accordingly for the season and the environment in which they work, are all practical suggestions for more efficient energy consumption.

Other eco-friendly ideas

In addition to the measures already mentioned, your company could consider initiatives such as planting trees in company properties, buying used office furniture in any company property refurbishment or new offices being established, and using public transport or car shares for any business trips and meetings.

Implementing environmentally friendly policies, from eco-friendly printing to recycling and general reduction of business travel and such, will result in your business having a wider appeal to both other suppliers and customers, as well as making an important, positive contribution to reducing the harmful carbon emissions we are all trying to eliminate.

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