Despite the rise of online business networking and information sharing, the printed business card is still one of the most useful professional tools you can carry with you. Examples of good business card design not only deliver vital information to your prospective customers or useful contacts, they say a lot about you, your values and your company. We look at the top five most common business card design mistakes.

1. Font selection

It is always a mistake to put the design of your business card above its readability. In printed business card design, the most important thing a font should do is be legible. Arty or handwriting type fonts may suit the style of your card, but if they are difficult to read, they risk putting off prospective contacts. A single font looks more professional than a range of fonts and it is important to choose the optimum font size.

2. Not enough white space

Neglecting the composition (the placement of visual design elements) of your business card can make it unattractive. White space is the space around the text and images on your card and isn’t necessarily white. The most impressive business cards are the ones with more white space and concisely composed information.

3. The business card doesn’t truly reflect your brand

Having a smart business card is all very well, but if you already have a striking brand it would be a mistake not to include elements of this on your card. This issue can be solved if you choose to make your own business card design, which will include your logo, the exact hexadecimal colour specifications and your brand’s font requirements.

4. Confusing data placement

It can be a mistake to place information on your business card in a manner that is either dis-organised or too ‘clever’. By using a standardised pattern for data placement, you will make it easier for people to read and respond to you should they wish to. Data should generally flow in this order: name, title, company, contact information.

5. Social network information

If you have worked hard to gain a social media following, it would be a mistake to neglect to mention your accounts on your printed business card. Some people might prefer to contact you in this way, so include your social media links on all printed communications. Don’t make the mistake, however, of adding social media icons without including the correct URL.

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