Many people may wonder why businesses decorate the inside of their own premises with office branding and marketing messages. After all, surely marketing budget is better spent advertising your products or services to the outside world rather than those who work for you?

However, depending on your business, your premises may well be visited by customers/clients, as well as your own staff – and a strong representation of your company identity, through interior branding, can provide a powerful experience for both customers and employees alike! Your interior branding should tell all visitors, and your staff, what your business is about and portray your key messages.

The opportunities to make the most of your office space through internal branding offer many benefits – here are five major reasons to utilise office graphics:

1. Develop a personal connection between brand and employee

Effective office branding can give staff an understanding of how they fit into, and contribute to, the company mission and values, therefore helping your business achieve it’s goals.

2. Develop an emotional connection to your business

This leads to a greater sense of inclusion and belonging for your staff, thus boosting loyalty and wellbeing which, inevitably, leads to a happier workforce. This also creates ‘bottom line’ benefits through greater staff retention, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity!

3. Interior office branding helps inform, educate and include staff

If your employees are all aware of your business aims and objectives, and feel a part of them, then they become a vital extension of your marketing strategy – they will reinforce your external brand messages by acting as ambassadors for your business!

4. Prominently showcase your logo, company colours and values

Strategically placed office wall graphics can be utilised on wall spaces, windows or as stand-alone, striking features. You can even make use of the floor space for branding – guide people around your premises in a manner that will ensure they are exposed to the company messages you’re keen to convey.

5. Office graphics create consistent visual language within your company

If your business has multiple locations or many different functions/departments, they can create a consistent presence or representation in each individual environment.

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