Businesses use a number of different tools to market and advertise their services or products. One of the tools growing in popularity is the roller banner. These are an effective –and affordable – marketing vehicle for a number of practical reasons.

Here are a few things you should think about when considering utilising a roller banner printing service:

1. Use in areas with limited space

Roller banners can be used in places where there is limited space. As they tend to be tall and narrow, they require very little floor space, so are a real advantage at business events or exhibitions. These same features also make them an ideal alternative in areas where wall space may be restricted.

2. Rollers banners are lightweight and portable

Roller banners are easily transported to any venue. They are compact and lightweight, so are ideal for use at conferences, conventions, exhibitions and trade shows, or anywhere else you want to promote your business. This portability is also a benefit on-site, as they can be easily moved around an area, or from room to room at the venue.

3. They’re easy to use

Roller banners are very easy to assemble on-site at your event – simply pop-up the stand from its base, and your banner automatically rolls out and your display is ready! When your event is over, they are easily disassembled and packed away again – the telescopic pole collapses and the stand folds up. This means they are easily stored in their carrying case and take up little storage space in your business premises when not being used.

4. A great design will stand out wherever it’s used

A well-designed roller banner will stand out wherever you’re displaying it and will draw potential customers to your stand/table at an event. They can give potential customers an insight into your business service, or product, at a glance. They can be printed in full colour and can display a variety of text, images, logos or graphics printed on durable vinyl.

5. A roller banner are sturdy and durable

Roller banners are designed to be used repeatedly. They are a sturdy and secure vehicle to display a banner or poster and, as most have aluminium frames, they are not only strong, but also lightweight.

There are different styles of roller banners your business could benefit from, such as grasshopper roller banners, double sided-banners, and replaceable cassette banners. You should consult with a professional roller banner printing company for greater detail in making your choice.