There are many ways for a business to market and advertise – one of these being advertising banners. This can be an affordable way to showcase your business product or service – quality, cheap banner printing can be both cost-effective and profitable for your company. There are different forms of banner advertising used, the most practical being the use of durable and attractive PVC banners.

There are, however, potential pitfalls to be aware of when designing and ordering your indoor and outdoor banner printing – here are five common aspects you need to carefully consider:

Banner size and location

The location of your banner will have a big influence on the way it should look – and how big it should be!

You should consider what your target audience is – whose attention you are trying to attract. In its location, is it going to be seen by motorists or pedestrians – or both? Think about the amount of time your potential clients will have to view your banner and its’ message – if it is only going to be a few seconds at a time, then ensure the content is immediately engaging and the text brief. If viewers don’t have time to read, or capture, any real detail, then don’t present them with any – get across your basic image and message. With this is mind, consider the banner size – a smaller banner may save you money initially, but if it fails to engage with people because they can’t see it properly, then it is money wasted!


It is always tempting to try and include all the good features and benefits of the product, or service, you’re advertising. Whilst this is a great opportunity to showcase all these – if your audience has time to stop and take in all the images and information – it is quite likely that, with banner advertising, that won’t be the case. It is better to choose one large and striking image to catch the initial attention. You want to stand out from your competitors so, when ordering your banner printing, try and design, or choose, an image that is bold – even provocative – you may only have a few seconds each time people see your banner – make sure they take notice!

The headline

Most often, advertising banners will heavily feature the business logo and name -whilst you want to attract people to your business, if it is new customers you’re trying to generate, they might not be already aware of your brand or products / services. If this is the case, then proudly displaying your company name as the banner headline will have little effect on them! You are far better served by using your banner headline to display your actual product or service –that is what people will be initially interested in – they can pick up your company name and details further down the text.


If you’ve got your image and banner headline correct, then you should have your potential customer’s attention – so use the fleeting time left for them to take in your banner’s contents, to provide basic information – there is neither time, nor space, available for complex descriptions or instructions!

Bullet point some relevant highlights and product features – make it easy to read by using easily legible fonts and keep it simple!

Contact details

It is a common mistake that businesses try to include all their relevant contact details in order to urge potential customers to contact or visit them. As already stated, too much detail will not be absorbed by your viewer – dependent upon your business, choose the most practical of your contact details (phone, e-mail, address, social media) and highlight that on the banner. Often, nowadays, the best option is to showcase your website details – from there people can glean all the information about your company, products and services, along with all the other potential contact details.

So, in summary, when considering your banner printing and design, you need to ensure that it highlights just the essential information and the eye-catching imagery – this will give you the best chance of attracting your audience’s attention and delivering the necessary information they can comfortably absorb.  


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