Businesses are always looking for ways to advertise their products and services to as many people as they possibly can. They use a variety of different marketing methods, depending upon their actual product, their target market and, of course, their available budget!

If your business is based on a high-street, or is a typical retail outlet, then one of the effective marketing vehicles, both in cost and for impact, is a pavement sign. There are different kinds of pavement signs available – sandwich and A1 boards, for example – but one of the most effective, and popular, is the whirlwind pavement sign. Outdoor pavement signs are a great way of promoting your business and special offers/promotions to passing customers because, they, literally, get your marketing message out on the street!

Here are a few reasons you should consider investing in a whirlwind outdoor signs:

Where can you use Whirlwind Signs

They are ideal for use outside – or, indeed, inside – cafes, shops, restaurants and bars. You will often see them on the streets, in shopping centres or garage forecourts. They are also ideal for use at exhibitions and public events.

Features & benefits of Whirlwind Signs

  • They have robust frames – usually aluminium – which give them strength and rigidity.
  • They are weather proof – their spring loaded design and weighted base – they can hold up to 25 litres of water- means they are able to withstand strong winds. Each side of the frame has a clear, anti-glare acetate to protect your poster from both the sun and the rain – and, therefore, perfectly suited for British weather! One tip – you can fill the base with sand, as opposed to water, for added strength.
  • They are portable – the whirlwind pavement sign is a double-sided, promotional vehicle with wheels, allowing for easy manoeuvrability – this makes it easy to set-up each morning and take in again at the close of business. It also makes them an ideal advertising tool to use at an event or exhibition.
  • The aluminium snap-frame system allows a fast change of posters or graphics – ideal if you have daily, or regular, special offers or promotions.
  • They are double-sided, therefore, offering promotional opportunities on both sides of the board, so reaching people passing your business in either direction.
  • Given their common use in areas of high foot-traffic, the frames have been designed with rounded, polished corners as a safety feature.
  • Whirlwind pavement signs are designed with drainage holes to the bottom of the aluminium frame to let accumulated water drain freely, without affecting the displayed posters.

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